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“I was born with wings … I’m not afraid to fly”
The Davian project was born in June 2011 based on  the idea of ​​the designer Davide Iannitti (graduated in 2009 at the ITALIAN INSTITUTE OF FASHION in Rome) to create a brand of his own in which to leave free rein to his creation and his artistic, musical and cultural influences.
The style of the Brand is contaminated with the idea of ​​merging a minimal style with references to Japanese culture with the use of monochrome black and white colours and large cuts and volumes, and deconstructing basic items with raw cuts and with applications of accessories or mix of fabrics.
The constant factor– or leitmotif of his collections – must be attributed to his obsession and love for music, oriental culture and art … three fundamental constants of his life, from which he cannot absolutely disregard.
With his Brand he expresses precisely his love for this job and he hopes to bring new ideas and new enthusiasm to a generation that asks for novelty to break down the monotony of everyday life
creating, with a continuous research, cutting-edge garments with large cuts and volumes and being obsessed by the smallest details to give a plus to his creations..

Davian Experience

After lots of work experiences and collaborations with different brands,  he has now realized  that the right moment has arrived  to launch his own original brand and  leave his creativity free from external contaminations and then to follow what he really feels inside and  to convey people  what he loves and feels and what he really wants to share with his followers.
Fashion is a form of art, so it is for him is a way of expressing his own creativity, his own thoughts, his own personality,
  • Minimal
  • Over Volumes
  • Fashion
  • Research


This place for the designer is almost a place of worship, a place where he can leave free rein to his own creativity, far from external contamination, where the drawing becomes the paper model and where the fabric is transformed into a finished garment.
The DAVIAN HEADQUARTER idea came to life during the stylist’s trip to Berlin in 2013.
Walking through the streets of the German city, he felt within himself a strong desire to contain all his emotions in one minimal space, where to give life to everything he has perceived around him and to become his world, a world of black soul, a niche market where the prototype must be studied and created by hand, where the limited edition is the master, where dreams become reality, where utopia is no longer so far.
And so, back in Italy, the DAVIAN HEADQUARTER was born, a parallel location, where everything originates and takes shape.

Davian Projects

All The Project Davian start from a white sheet and a pencil for then to turn into caps finished and packed, everything at the Davian Headquarter.

Final Work at university

First Collection Davian

Capsule collection Davian

Davian Underdogs


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